Concrete mixer piping design

2013-08-28 11:14:18

Concrete mixer machine is put cement, sand and gravel aggregates and water are mixed and mixed into the concrete mix machinery. Used in conjunction with the concrete mixer duct should note the following three points:

Concrete mixer, should be based on engineering and construction site characteristics, pouring concrete program for piping. Should shorten the length of the pipeline, less elbow and hose. Laying pipes should ensure safe construction, easy to clean pipes, troubleshooting and disassembly repair.

In the same line, you should use the same diameter concrete pipes, while using the old and new pipe segment, a new tube should be arranged in the pressure at the pump; pipeline should be arranged smooth vertical and horizontal. Should draw piping diagrams, lists the various pipe fittings, pipe connecting ring, pipe and other specifications and quantity presented spare parts list.

Concrete pipes should be based on the maximum size of coarse aggregate, concrete pump model, concrete output and transmission distance and transportation to choose the degree of difficulty. Pumping duct should be adapted to the conditions and the strength. Should be used no cracks, no bump damage and not bent pipe section. Duct joints should be tight, there is enough strength and capable of rapid assembly and disassembly.