The concrete mixer parts and concrete percent in production

2013-12-30 17:25:36

 We supply a range of precision-engineered concrete mixer machine used for the uniform mixing of construction materials like cement, limestone and others. These machines stand high in quality and performance. Easy to maintain and operate, our range is designed to suit the specific technical requirements of our clients.
Concrete mixer parts, being on the belief that with the right combination of service, parts, knowledge, and warranty. We could fill a need in the mixer parts industry. Here at Concrete mixer parts, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and quality parts. We will always stand behind our warranty 100%.
All of our rebuilds are done in house by experienced service technicians using the best quality components. We use only special bearings and seals. Our technicians have more than years of combined experience in the rebuilding of gearbox and hydraulics.
At its simplest, concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregates like sand, natural gravel and crushed stone that you place in a concrete mixer for uniform mixing. It is the requirements of the project that determine the amounts used in the final concrete mix. If the mix is right, the final product is a material that has high compression strength.
The mean is to get the right amount of water and cement for the mix. Too much water and the concrete will suffer from a high degree of slump. Too little and the workability of the concrete suffers. Using aggregates with the wrong gradation could result in a very harsh mix that has a very low slump that cannot be fixed by adding reasonable amounts of water to the mix.