The development of concrete mixer on manufacturing

2013-09-26 10:31:05

With the vigorous development of the domestic manufacturing, concrete mixer rapid rise, in recent years, in the country to boost domestic demand and driven by a number of incentives, concrete mixer manufacturing achieved strong growth in the scale, many enterprises of commercial concrete industry with enthusiasm. The core competitiveness of China's own brand manufacturing is generally not strong, mid-range excess capacity, competition is especially fierce, many industry's high-end link were foreign brand grip. At the same time, in terms of key components and core technology, has long been far behind the foreign countries.

Domestic concrete mixer machine has a striking lack of gas, while foreign brands for the domestic market but also eyeing. With the transformation and upgrading of the national economy in our country, early industrialization demand explosive growth is over. Since last year, domestic demand growth in the mechanical industry present a slowing trend, on the other hand, industries will be more and more high to the requirement of equipment level and quality. Sluggish economy on at the same time, relative to the international situation, China's economic growth is strong, the developed country enterprise stepped up its efforts to fight for high-end equipment market in China. Independent on which concrete mixer manufacturing growth market, are facing more from foreign manufacturers.