Real estate control policies will not waver concrete mixer market stability

2013-07-19 10:35:35

Domestic Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy Research Center, said that from 2011 the "National eight" introduced to the end of last year's economic work conference, as well as the government work report during the two sessions, the Chinese real estate market regulation policy direction has been "very clear", on the one hand control the investment and speculative demand, control housing prices, on the one hand the development of affordable housing to meet the rigid requirements of the market.

The current round of real estate regulation to implement one and a half years, the real estate market, there were two significant changes, one basic investment and speculative demand being squeezed out of the market, and second price increase has been effectively controlled, lower prices in some cities. Control results initially apparent, the need to consolidate control results, can not relax. Different from previous real estate regulation, the current round of regulation policy priorities shift has occurred, from a focus on the economic function of the real estate industry's transition towards social function, emphasis on providing residential products. In the long run, China's real estate market will not become an investment market, which requires real estate properties from the capital to return to social attributes up, curb investment and speculative demand policy direction will not be shaken.

For the real estate industry as well as its upstream concrete mixer concrete industry will have what impact it? Infrastructure without a lot of concrete and other materials. One of the concrete as a material is indispensable to guarantee the implementation of housing construction will give its subsidiaries in several industries to bring greater market space. Real estate control policies will not waver concrete mixer equipment market stability.