How to carry out the concrete mixer lubrication work

2013-08-02 10:41:08

Concrete mixer, which is the core of the concrete mixing station and stabilized soil mixing station equipment, its a lot of more phyletic, roughly divided into compulsory concrete mixer and drum concrete mixer. Concrete mixer is a mix of cement, sand and gravel aggregate, and water and mix made of concrete machinery, in order to guarantee the reliability of the machine work, reduce the wear and power loss of the machine parts, should be timely to do a good job of various concrete mixer of lubrication. Especially hydraulic concrete mixer, concrete mixer drum mixer and so we have. Its lubrication work to be carried out in accordance with the following tips:

Concrete mixer reducer gear and bearing are using gear rotary oil splash to the casing wall, into the lubrication for the bearings. Reducer oil surface should be kept in the oil gauge between two scribed line is advisable. The oil level is too high or too low will lead to inlet temperature or bad lubrication, increase power loss and cause bad machine work. New began to use the first 150 hours and 300 hours to change oil once respectively, so as to exclude commissioning when not completely wash the dirt. At work, often should check the oil level height, should fill in time.

All exposed to adjust the position and rotation coordinate location should often stay with lubricating oil. But braking zone shall not be defiled with oil and water, so as not to affect the braking effect.

The lubrication of the motor by the motor specifications.