Changes of the concrete mixer industry in our country

2013-09-16 10:34:12

Due to the important function of the concrete mixer in infrastructure, as the basis of national building construction essential equipment, mixer manufacturing and therefore attention and has been attracting the attention of the world.

Concrete mixer industry in our country from the enterprise internal produced since the match is given priority to, development become a considerable scale, has the characteristics of high technology industry capital intensive, technology intensive equipment manufacturing industry. Concrete mixer machine main production from the traditional, skills type manual production mode, into the widely used digital, information design and production technology of the era of modern industrial production. Information especially information management, has been many enterprises not only mentioned the agenda, and is enforced. In the process of implementation, the relevant software at home and abroad to compete, secondary development and fruitful, the database is rich. Through the information management, brick making machine greatly shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, increase enterprise benefit.

Owned two prosperous market environment and good prospects for development, many entrepreneurs and investors to the mixer of industry in China, including foreign and private capital is still the mainstream, investment enthusiasm rising generally, the larger technological upgrading projects and new projects. Because the cluster production has convenient collaboration, reduce costs, expand market, improve and enjoy more preferential policies, so the mode of production to get further development.