Concrete mixer industry development

2013-09-17 10:19:15

Strengthen standard and scientific research, especially the major national science and technology research projects, guide the scientific and advanced technology backbone enterprises, the independent innovation achievements into standard, promote the development of new technology, new technology. To promote the development of the concrete mixer machine industry has a great role on the block or reduce imports.

A batch of new products, new technologies can be converted to standard, reduce cost, improve the efficiency, optimize the function of products, and make new products and new technologies quickly recognised by the market, to promote the progress of the industry. Development of saving energy and reducing consumption standards, new materials, etc, to promote industrial structure adjustment. In terms of reducing energy consumption, Taike vigorously develop small flow resistance, loss of small products. In terms of power saving, the focus is on concrete mixer electric device, by choosing the low energy consumption, low noise motor and the improvement of electric device structure, control the energy consumption of the electric actuator.

Our natural resources are limited, thus laying electricity saving, water saving, material saving concrete mixer is one of the developing direction of the industry standard. To speed up the elimination of low efficiency and large energy consumption of products, adjust the industrial structure, promote the development of new technologies, new products and application. Concrete mixer in terms of saving material, with a focus on the research of new materials and new material instead of metal materials, achieve the goal of saving steel and precious metals. Concrete mixer using new materials, new technology, improve the wear resistance, corrosion products, and greatly prolong the service life of the aerated brick equipment, but also for environmental protection will play a positive role in promoting.