The advantages and disadvantages of concrete mixer in the development

2013-08-12 15:31:20

In recent years, China's rapid economic development, accelerate infrastructure construction, the demand for construction materials concrete mixer device further stimulate the market. Concrete mixer in many industries has become an indispensable part, is indispensable equipment builders, concrete mixer machine after years of development, occupies an important position in the domestic market.

However, the rapid development of concrete mixers, but also left behind many problems. Machinery enterprises Most products only in the low-level repetitive production, so companies want to go on long-term development must promptly recognize their own development problems. Look there are still many problems machinery industry, firm size is too small, the level of product level, excessive dependence on imports, R & D investment, the lack of professional and technical personnel and other factors are restricting the development of China's machinery industry. However, compared with foreign advanced equipment, the design ideas more flexible, according to the different needs of customers tailored; has a geographical advantage, through a variety of channels to understand their actual production equipment problems, establish a complete excellent after-sales service system, to solve the problem; according to customer requirements, equipment manufacturing and debug cycles are shorter than other countries, and are cheap and easy maintenance. Trend of the times, strengthen independent innovation, and establish a good brand image, encourage competition in the market in steady progress and comprehensive development.