Concrete mixer from product to service

2013-07-16 10:39:31

In successive years of rapid development, the Chinese machinery market beyond North America, Japan, Western Europe to become the world's largest construction machinery market. In this process, on the one hand the mechanical giants have overseas into China market, on the other hand, the domestic machinery enterprises are rapidly rising, grow.

Over the past year the industry out of a concrete mixer from high to low development path, one side is constantly falling market demand, while the increasingly high level business development goals, two-phase collision result is that under the ever increasing competition in the industry, "resort to each other, face to face, "Competition between enterprises from the initial product level gradually extended to other fields, so in we find more and more enterprises begin to play the" service card "!

Speaking of service, the fact is that professional concrete mixer relatively high demand industries innate property after purchasing the product throughout the entire user during use, but in the early development of the industry frenzied expansion process, in a tight market situation, the service is most companies selectively ignored.

Today, the industry, intense competition, enterprise product line advantage is no longer level, the importance of service will gradually highlighted. Most businesses have realized within the industry, the market factor in winning addition to the core products and services is also essential to attentive service and retain customers through follow-up buying more market share increased to become the corporate feeling, well-built another magic.

As a high professional requirements of the industry, concrete mixer indeed reflect the importance of service industries was evident, from the manipulation of complex skills to learn and master, the daily maintenance of the product, to the construction process, unexpected problems, these require companies to provide professional services give guidance, coupled with the strict limits construction period, once in the course of product failure, if the company can not be quickly resolved in the first time, it will directly affect the user's subsequent purchase of the brand .