Concrete mixer feeding is introduced

2013-09-25 10:31:14

Concrete mixer is suitable for general highways, power stations, dam engineering, construction sites, roads, Bridges, water and electricity, large and medium-sized 2 engineering, etc. Concrete mixer are characterized by their smooth operation, less energy consumption, compact structure, reliable transmission, light, high production efficiency, can stir plastic, harsh, liquidity and lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar.

JZC series concrete mixer, its feeding system of hoist, feeding, hopper and other equipment. Concrete mixer matching brake motor through the gear reducer drive drum rotation, wire rope through the pulley traction hopper rail climbing, when climb to a certain height, doumen on a pair of roller into the feeding level fork, then doumen automatically open, material through the feed hopper into mixing tank, and then to stir. Concrete mixer in order to guarantee the accuracy of the hopper in place, in the rack is equipped with limit switches, ceiling has two limit switches, respectively to the hopper limit and security role. Concrete mixer machine floor with a limit switch, installed at the top of the order, when hopper fall to the bottom, steel wire rope a little loose, spring rod mechanism to start the lower limit switch, hoist will stop automatically. So the whole feeding mechanism and the working process is over.