The concrete mixer several common failure analysis

2013-09-22 10:15:58

Concrete mixer device itself in the installation, protective device problems, cause a threat to the safety of operating personnel.

Electricity safety on the construction site, there is leakage phenomenon, caused by electric shock accidents.

Construction personnel in violation of operating procedures, the personal injury caused by illegal operation according to the common accident, safety engineers in the concrete mixer work from the following several focused on:

Concrete mixer machineshould be installed in flat and after compaction, machinery installation to smooth and firm.
All kinds of concrete mixer machine, shall be one-way stirring rotation;
Boot before operation, first check whether the insulation of the electrical equipment and grounding is good, the protection device of belt pulley is complete;
Start-up, commissioning should be taken before loading for machine working normally after mixing in feed; If midway suddenly stop stirring, should be to unload the material; Reboot, no have material in the hopper and must be started light;
Hopper should take the insurance hook, hook up the bucket down must hang security;
Concrete mixer machine hopper bottom no standing, the operation personnel shall not start the machine.