How to mix concrete mixer and concrete batching machine?

2013-08-09 10:56:04

Concrete mixer is used in the production of concrete machinery, concrete mixer makes use of engineering and construction to become more efficient, but there is no concrete batching machine mixer using a combination of relatively less.

Concrete batching machine is the use of electronic weighing bulk materials will be effective, accurate weighing out a concrete batching machine can weigh 2-4 kinds of materials, and its efficiency is obvious, but its accuracy is to ensure the effective protection of concrete quality .

Concrete mixers and concrete batching machine mix is a perfect combination, but not what type of mixer can be free of the match, which is a standard, otherwise we can not show the desired results. JZC series like climbing bucket concrete mixer drum and generally are not used with concrete batching machine, because due to their special climbing bucket device, feeding and mixing can not be carried out, so the use of concrete batching machine is not obvious. Although other civilian concrete mixer concrete batching machine can be with, but considering the cost of stirring efficiency and cost, generally do not do such a combination. The engineering like JDC series concrete mixer and JS series concrete mixers, concrete batching machine is the need and use with.

General combination is: JS500 concrete mixer with PLD800 type concrete batching machine combination; JS750 concrete mixer with PLD1200 type concrete batching machine combination; JS1000 concrete mixer with PLD1600 type concrete batching machine combination; JS1500 concrete mixer with PLD2400 type concrete batching machine combination; JS52000 type concrete mixer with PLD3200 concrete batching machine combination.