Concrete mixer accessories

2013-08-27 11:07:28

Concrete mixer can be divided into general concrete mixer and compulsory concrete mixer, and currently works are used in forced concrete mixer, the difference is that the former is the case at the turn, which is inside the agitation. Compulsory mixer commonly used parts are: to enhance the bucket wheel, mixing arm, blade, hopper stopper, linings. Typically mixing arm, blade, liner of wearing parts, the construction should be promptly replaced.

In addition to some of the commonly used concrete mixer equipment, as well as seals, gear and other accessories butterfly valve gasket, oil pressure gauge, special bearings, V-belts, filters, filter, sirens warning lights, red hose, flow valve assembly , tee, high pressure fittings, water, said sensors, sensor admixtures, cement sensors, silo sensors, host pressure solenoid valve (import), mainframe pressure solenoid valves, pressure regulators, host dust collection filters, air compressor filter , discharge gate signal switch, electric control valve, cutting ring glasses, plates, gate valve assembly around, wear strips, wear round, roller, shaft housing, cover and so on.