China's concrete equipment industry development strategy

2013-09-27 10:46:06

Along with the development of national economy, in the related industry leads, the concrete equipment companies in China in recent 10 years with the rapid development, but the capacity is expanding too rapidly, the lack of integrated development strategy, management lagging behind and lack of consciousness of risk control for some buried the hidden trouble for further development of the enterprise, this perhaps is the rapid economic development will inevitably bring negative phenomenon. Concrete equipment industry in our country overall situation compared with industrialized countries there is still a big gap between, from product quality, management, product development and manufacturing experience and so on comprehensive evaluation are behind with the western developed countries.

Domestic and foreign product quality gap mainly displays is insufficient in fine workmanship, this shows that our manufacturing also has not formed own solid industrial culture, is not to the thought of "accurate, timely and meticulous" fully throughout our equipment manufacturing. Innovation is not only reflected in the development of new products, but also in the existing craft method and process of innovation. "Craft" should be respected. Information to the traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade the value and function of the manufacturing. Information cannot exist independently in the manufacturing and information is a part of the manufacturing industry, is to improve the manufacturing product function, improve product value. In manufacturing industry, informationization is to improve the "craft", "craft" booster into full play. Some domestic enterprises and extensive management mode leads to low quality of products, production organization too much randomness. Enterprise scale rapid expansion, management means and backward thinking, did not keep pace with the development of the requirements, not formulate management rules and regulations and work processes, control production and operation of enterprises will be restricted to raise the level of enterprise's progress and lead to problems in terms of survival. Careful study and formulate design enterprise complete work assignments, process and evaluation procedures is an important means of improving.

In response to the above situation, the domestic concrete equipment industry should clear concept, in order to better industrial foundation knowledge and determine the direction of vocational training, to carry out vocational education, the cultivation of applicable talents for the enterprise. Domestic enterprises should learn foreign advanced management concept and management methods, combined with national conditions and their own enterprise culture, enterprise information management. By using the means of IT, to realize information management, can achieve enterprise run efficiently, save production preparation time, achieve for production preparation in advance, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.