The check work of concrete batching plant

2013-08-09 10:52:25

Whether large concrete batching plant or small concrete batching plant, in the boot before they need to do some safety checks. Specifically what kind of work, a lot of concrete mixing plant operation and maintenance personnel are not very clear. In fact, concrete mixing plant inspection work more, below the concrete mixing station before starting the inspection list them out:

Check whether the aggregate positions filled.
Check the pool water level will limit the pool filled with water first.
Check whether there is leakage of gas, water leakage, if any, then promptly disassembly, cleaning, replacement, until no leakage so far. Without hose damage and aging.
Check the pneumatic valve action is accurate and in place, if closed lax, should be adjusted to the closed well.
Check the gear box oil is in place, not too much or too little oil (by Gearhead specification requirements).
Check the screw machine each refueling point has lubricating grease.
Check the conveyor belt tension is appropriate, deviation is serious, if not require first run and adjust the rear idler tensioning device to fit, attention should turn off the aggregate door.
Check the belt conveyor idlers rotation is flexible, or should be removed to clean or replace the inner bearing until the rotating flexible.
Check the pneumatic two pieces together in the case of water filters, water quantity required to release the oil mist is sufficient oil, not enough should be added, otherwise it will affect the normal use of gas.
Check the powder soft link at each scale is connected well, there can be loosening, otherwise there will be a lot of dust overflow, causing serious environmental pollution.
Press "JS1000 compulsory mixer Manual" requires inspection mixing console ministries: the lubrication point has filling oil; concentrated butter oil pump is used; thick oil lubrication system is working properly; checking each cylinder liner mixed leaves connections are good, wear what happened; gap between the blade and the liner should be adjusted to the minimum gap is too large 3-8mm, bolts are loose, tighten; has blade, liner damaged or rubbed off 1/2 should be replaced immediately.
Check the gas seal each interface is good, with or without hose damage and aging.
The discharge doors are shut tight.
Exhausted the gas tank, air compressor inside water.