The maintenance of concrete batching plant air system

2013-08-29 10:57:13

Concrete batching plant air compressor supply pressure is greater than 1.0 MPa is forbidden, gas or air road maintenance or replacement of components, pneumatic components must be closed air, discharge clean compressed air pipeline. Gas circuit of the working pressure shall not be less than 0.4 MPa, must not exceed 0.8 MPa, otherwise may cause actuators work reliability.

A. For the first time use, first check the turning of the concrete batching plant air compressor is correct, and gas relief valve is reliable.
B. Use the first week of the concrete mixing plant and check whether the gas circuit connection is reliable, a day without leakage phenomenon, a week after inspection.
C. Daily discharge air compressor and water accumulation in the gas tank and gas, air compressor maintenance, please refer to the selection of the air compressor manual.
D. Every 3-4 h during the work and discharge the water in the water separator. Water separator with the drainage function, when air pressure is low to o. 15 mpa. When the drainage. Water discharge various points air bags per class. On a regular basis to the pneumatic system filling oil in the oil mist detector.