Compulsory concrete mixer mixing arm

2013-05-08 14:06:55

Compulsory concrete mixer, mixing tube, the mixing tube assembly stirring shaft at both ends of the mixing tube wall agitator shaft of the installation of a side arm, used to clean up the side wall between the arms onboth sides of the compulsory concrete mixer stirring shaft on both sides of the midpoint of each mounting arm was stirred with a spiral arrangement, two sets of stirring arms in axial arrangement, since the end of the arm to arm and arranged in the rotational direction from the end of the arm to the arm , the top of each mixing arm is fixed mixing blade, on both sides of the compulsory concrete mixer arm in the direction of rotation arrangement behind the mixing arm ipsilateral side arm.

The new compulsory concrete mixer overall direction of rotation of the stirring arm layout position retreat it behind the same side of the mixing arm side arm of the group, so that when the actual work, the side arm less resistance between the mixing tube Cutting edge arm Durability enhancement, the stirring shaft to the required driving force is also reduced, and therefore can be fitted with a small power motor, so that the manufacturing cost is reduced, the energy consumption is reduced accordingly.