What are the compulsory concrete mixer maintenance

2013-05-08 14:14:15

What machines need maintenance, especially for large machinery, production and lay a solid foundation for our quality and service life, must be maintained in order to ensure efficient production, maintenance of compulsory concrete mixer what?

1, Based on the use of the bearing parts lubricated regularly the gearbox lubrication refer to the manuals of their products.

2, Regularly check the sealing of the machine and found that the tainted plasma at the quality of gasket

3 ,concrete mixer parts shovel piece fastening, always check if loose should be tightened.

4, Always check the electrical control system is a good contact and dry.

5, The mixer after long-term use, shovel with mixing tube to wear, under wear adjustment or replacement.

6, In the mixing process Do hands and stick inserted into the barrel to avoid danger.