Seven advantages of compulsory concrete mixer

2013-08-08 10:28:45

Compulsory concrete mixer first in the industry to use a mixer to protect the special combination of concentric precision machine tools, compulsory concrete mixer has the following seven advantages:

With a multi-shaft seal pressure protection device and sealing protection device, effectively prevent leakage of plasma phenomenon.
Unique monitoring system can monitor mixer gearbox, discharge pumps, electric oil pump working state.
With dedicated electric oil pump, the exclusive use four cores, respectively, to four separate pump shaft oil directly, without using a shunt valve.
Multi-tube multiplex sprinkler system, water spray evenly.
Heavy-duty design, stable operation.
Optional mixer weighing measuring humidity protection systems and microwave systems.
There 0.5m3/0.75m3/1.5m3/1.5m3 / 2.0m3 / 3.0m3 / 4.0m3 other capacities available.