How Chinese machinery enterprises to compete with international giants

2013-07-22 11:45:55

Tortuous process of world economic recovery and fatigue, the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed economies are implementing advanced manufacturing as the core of the "re-industrialization", the international high-end market competition forward direction; emerging economies is accelerating the development of comparative competitive industries and technologies, which makes China's machinery industry has a comparative advantage in low-end products to expand exports difficult.

Although domestic machinery enterprises overseas acquisitions frequently, but after entering the Chinese market, China's machinery manufacturing era, the international market on the big stage, facing the direction of the high-end competition. Chinese machinery enterprises which should have excellent equipment, to make himself the winner in the game?

Green energy of the new equipment. The development of green development have become commonplace topic, and the demand for green equipment market has become the most intense desire, so our engineering industry equipment should be green as the current R & D direction.Large-scale equipment. With the process of large-scale production machinery, equipment, large-scale, large machinery industry demand has become the latest market trends, the main reason is that large-scale device has large crushing ratio, production capacity and high degree of automation, easy management, and other characteristics, and thus able to meet our customers' growing scale of production, lower production costs, reduce energy consumption, etc., thus greatly improving labor productivity and economic benefits.

Technological equipment. With high technological content of products has been the market leader, the reason is that this equipment and similar equipment, high production efficiency, but also a waste of power consumption and other costs relatively low, especially for the current modern efficient production philosophy.