Overview market development of compaction machinery

2013-08-13 10:57:11

The last century, 60 years ago, our country is the lack of small-scale compaction machinery, many small venues tamp basically artificial compaction.

1964, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute has developed a type of internal combustion Rammers HB120, started by the Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory production, and later mainly by Tsu Dongting Engineering Machinery Factory production, the annual output of about 200 units. 80 years, internal combustion rammer product quality has improved greatly, have been exported to Southeast Asia and Africa. 90 years later, internal combustion rammer production volume is gradually reduced, the current production of only a handful of small private enterprises.

1983, Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute and the vibrator factory in Hubei China's first joint development HZR70 vibration rammer, 1984 passed the appraisal organized by the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Construction in 1985 won third prize of scientific and technological progress. As with vibratory compaction effect, high productivity, small size and weight, light and flexible, and other prominent features, welcomed by users, has been quick to promote the use, and soon developed into Zijiang machinery plant, Xinxiang third machine Tsu Dongting plants and dozens of engineering machinery factory production. Although vibratory vibratory plates developed than late, but the pace of development, production and sales and use much more extensive than the vibrating plate compactor, compaction machinery has now become China's largest production and sales of leading products. After the 1990s, foreign vibratory plates have moved into the Chinese market.

Vibratory and vibrating plate compactor successfully developed, not only for our building construction sector provides advanced performance compaction machinery, and achieved good economic and social benefits, but also so that our compaction machinery technology a big step forward, shortening with the world advanced level, and promote the development of China's mechanical compaction.