Commonly used models of steel bar cutting machine

2013-08-19 11:00:45

Steel bar cutting machine is currently the most widely off the steel market, and it is the low prices of steel cutting products. Steel bar cutting machine GQ 40 is suitable for a variety of construction steel, concrete, ordinary carbon steel and hot-rolled round steel and rebar, also cut flat steel, square steel and angle steel. This machine is a mechanical and construction industries in the broadest applicability and best steel cutting machine.

Advantages of steel bar butting machine GQ 40 are as follows:

A. Small size, light weight, compact, solid and reliable.
B. Lubricating properties. With box-type closed structure, gear splash lubrication, continuous operation is available once a month or more fuel (oil marking should not be below the oil line, so that the machine is always in a good state of lubrication.
C. Function less wear and tear due to lubrication conditions improve, the gear shaft misalignment rolling resistance is small, compared with the same type cutting machine power can be reduced by one third.
D. Easy to move. Front wheel steering flexible, and easy maintenance.