Bar straightening cutting machine to meet the requirements of the reasons

2013-05-29 10:54:33

As we all know, the cnc wire straightening and cutting machine working environment and the machine when working frequency of relatively large amplitude. In the detection of bar sizes, in addition to ensuring the accuracy requirements, stronger anti-interference ability, reliable, long life is our most immediate demands of consumers. Existing cnc wire straightening and cutting machine size detected by contact measurement, that moves in the steel, driven elastic friction wheel rotation. Friction wheel and then with the pulse generator is connected to a pulse generator in mind numerical bar length.

Since cnc wire straightening and cutting machine work machine itself is very strong and reinforced vibration, friction wheel wear is extremely serious, if occasionally replace the detector friction wheel will affect detection accuracy, resulting in cutting errors.

The presence of the above situation, detection of bar length to a non-contact detection. Through trials comparing alternately used in the reinforced program of applied magnetic signal is more feasible to achieve the design requirements.

Rebar cutter modulation consumers have been able to achieve the basic requirements of these fundamental issues have a direct relationship.