What is CNC steel bar bending machine?

2013-09-05 11:12:19

CNC steel bar bending machine precisely controlled by industrial computer bent to replace manual bending machine, the main processing Rebar, bendable within 50mm GB reinforcement. The device is capable of processing a plurality of steel, with the processing shape of the standard, the advantages of processing a large amount.

CNC steel bar bending machine with CNC-type production line supporting the use of shear reinforcement can also work alone, the construction of reinforced high-volume automated bending, can be processed iron, nuclear power projects and other special super reinforced.

CNC steel bar bending machine has a working unit in a simultaneous multi-directional bending, two curved hosts simultaneously, greatly improving efficiency, can carry five tons of raw materials, alternative artificial 20-30 people and greatly reduce labor intensity, widely used in building construction and other fields. Fixed a bending machine, bending machine can automatically another move, the operation mode is divided into manual and automatic modes.

Steel conveyor rollers composed by a plurality of power, complete automatic transmission and storage of reinforced material around, conveyor roller with high quality rubber surface to reduce noise and improve efficiency.