The classification of tamping rammer

2013-07-02 16:20:17

The tamping rammer is the use of impact and shock and vibration effects hierarchical compaction of backfill compaction machinery. Tamping rammer can be divided into gasoline rammer, electric rammer and vibration rammer and so on.

Gasoline tamping rammer is based on the principle of two-stroke internal combustion engine made. Cylinder with upper and lower pistons, the piston internal combustion piston, the piston is the damping piston. Set a tilt cylinder underside of the lower hammer, so that the vertical axis of the cylinder forward skew. From the cylinder piston rod on the roof in the middle of the through hole extends under the rod protruding from the lower end surface of the cylinder, and with the hammer into one, between the cylinder and the hammer spring tension, and a handrail to control ram Grader way forward. Gasoline tamping rammer combustible mixture in the blasting force, jump forward and upward from the ground, and under its own weight, falling to the ground soil compaction, jumped a falling hammer, step forward on the fuselage.

Electric tamping rammer is to use the principle of rotational inertia force made by the rammer, tamping frame, eccentric, pulleys and motors and other components. Motor and transmission parts mounted on skid base, tamping frame hinged rear drive shaft, the eccentric block centrifugal force, ram holder is rotatable about this axis under the swing. Tamping rammer installed in the front frame, when the rammer to the bottom of the swing frame when tamping the soil to the top of the swing forward when the skid base. Therefore, the electric tamping rammer tamping head once every impact, the body moves forward step.

By vibratory tamping rammer via reducer and crank mechanism driven rammer do a quick impact sports to tamp the soil, hammer jump off the ground, the operator can drive mechanical advance, in order to reduce body vibration, the vertical axis of the cylinder towards before deflection. Shock compacted clay soil was better, rammer for construction, ground, courtyard, roadbed, bridge piles, trenches, wild, narrow construction sites and other environmental competent and medium-sized construction machinery unable to complete the task. The product has advanced design, compact structure, stable performance, solid force, flexible operation, safe, wide, and high efficiency.