Classification of plate compactor

2013-06-17 16:51:28

Plate compactor can be divided into internal combustion plate compactor and electric vibratory plate compactor.

Plate compactor is models by the class, group, type, characteristic code with the main parameter code composed of two parts. Update code placed on plate compactor plate compactor end of model.

Following is a brief introduction internal combustion plate compactor:

By the internal combustion engine plate compactor (gasoline and diesel) powered by a belt spread through automatic clutch from shock body. Generated by the engine's high-speed rotation powerful impact on the ground in order to achieve compaction operations.

Internal combustion plate compactor working principle is: the internal combustion engine through the clutch, pulley, driven eccentric vibration, floor and eccentric fixed together, can be changed by turning the eccentric vibration direction. Can be achieved in this way to move the vibration, the vibration in place between the vibration to the back adjustment.