Classification of concrete mixing plant

2013-07-15 17:38:58

Concrete mixing plant is operated by mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system, control system composed of five major systems and other ancillary facilities consisting of building materials manufacturing equipment.

According to the structure of concrete mixing plant, mixing station can be divided into mobile and stationary mixing. Construction site for mobile mixing station.

Its operations in different forms, concrete mixing plant can be divided into cycles and continuous mixing plant concrete batching plant categories. Cycle of feeding and formula feeding system for a certain cycle, continuous feed and discharge was carried out continuously. Current widespread use is periodic type.

Their process layout in different forms, concrete mixing plant can be divided into single-stage concrete mixing stations and dual-stage concrete mixing plant categories.

Single stage concrete batching plant. The sand, stone, cement and other materials once raised to the roof of the silo, a variety of materials by processes by weighing, batching, mixing, concrete mixing materials that made ??loading Sinotrans. Mixing layers from top to bottom into silos, weighing layer, mixing layer and the bottom. Single cascade reasonable process, high productivity, but require the manufacturer to high, thus investment is large, generally use more mixing this form.

Dual-stage concrete mixing plant. Material storage silos and mixing equipment is substantially the same level. Aggregate by upgrading to storage silos, storage silos under the cumulative weighing and were weighed, and then upgrade to the mixer hopper or conveyor stirring. Because the material is subject promoted twice, productivity is low, but can reduce the height of a full set of equipment, easy accessibility, and reduce investment, general mixing station more using this form.