How to choose the right plate compactor

2013-07-25 15:35:29

Plate compactor is a relatively common mechanical equipment, commonly used in road repair pits; running water, gas pipelines and other structures of the backfill compaction. So how do you choose the right plate compactor it? Henan Taike As a professional production of vibratory plates and gasoline plate compactor machinery and equipment factories, will you answer this question.

Plate compactor choose a reasonable number of times a reasonable speed and compaction compaction speed, reducing rolling time, improve work efficiency has a very important significance. In construction, maintain an appropriate constant rolling speed is very necessary. General speed control 2 ~ 4km / h, may be appropriate to increase the tire roller, but not more than 5km / h. Speed too low, the paving and compaction process interrupted, affecting the quality of compaction, which may need to increase the number of times to improve compaction degree of compaction. Rolling speed is too fast, it will produce goes transverse crack.

To choose the right plate compactor vibration frequency and amplitude. At present, more and more vibratory roller compacted asphalt mixture is used, in order to get the best effect rolling, a reasonable choice vibration frequency and amplitude is very important. Vibration frequency of the main surface of the surface layer of asphalt compaction quality. Vibratory roller asphalt vibration frequency than the natural frequency is higher, then get better compaction results. Test surfaces of asphalt mixture for rolling, its vibration frequency more in the range of 42 ~ 50Hz choice.