How to choose the right concrete mixer

2013-07-05 11:20:21

There are three main ways of choosing the right type of concrete mixer that the amount and duration requirements by project selection, according to the design of the concrete type selection, the composition according to the concrete aspects of selected characteristics and consistency.

Quantity and schedule requirements by project selection. Concrete works large and long duration, the appropriate selection medium or large stationary concrete mixer or mixing station. If a small amount of concrete and short duration, should use small portable mixer.

According to the design of the concrete type selection. Mixing concrete, plastic or semi-plastic type, should use self-loading mixer. Such as mixing concrete, high strength, dry hard or lightweight concrete, should use compulsory mixer.

The composition according to characteristics and consistency of concrete aspects of choice. Such as mixing concrete consistency aggregate size small and large, should use larger capacity self-loading mixer. Such as mixing consistency large and large concrete aggregate size, should use the faster speed of the mixing tube self-loading mixer. If consistency large aggregate size hours, should use compulsory mixer or in small-capacity cone reversal discharging mixer.