China's machinery industry appear oversupply phenomenon

2013-08-02 10:46:03

China mechanical equipment manufacturing industry has met very big pressure now, almost all equipment industry have oversupply phenomenon, and some other industry at present there is no such a thing. Market demand continuously adjustable structure, likely related to some of the industry will be restricted.

Machinery industry market is not active triggered inactive machinery production enterprise, and enterprise production and development appear after some influence will lead to the enterprise of hiring. In June this year, for example, some of the machinery industry technical staff recruitment fell by half, originally in a medium-sized enterprises, concrete mixer technical personnel quantity is not too much, if companies don't have a lot of money to support the technical research and development department, so can only retain so reduce the amount of staff technology veteran, the best technology and some have not enter the personnel of the enterprise can will reduce the chances of finding a job.

China and Europe and the United States is different, maybe are all production employees, but foreign companies pay more attention on the cultivation of the employee, and although China started at the beginning of the employees' skills training, but development is not mature, after all only the high level of staff will be well treated and jobs. How to deal with the present this kind of situation is a lot of people need to think about the problem, not by a few large enterprises can reverse the whole mechanical industry.