What are the characteristics of the concrete mixer

2013-05-20 13:39:54

How to make good use of concrete batching plants , this is our manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to the problem, using the characteristic of concrete mixing station which, today we explain some of the Tektronix Inc:

The main technical indicators should be considered in selection of the 1 concrete: bearing capacity, water absorption rate, frost resistance, impermeability.
2 cold areas should choose low water absorption products.
Drainage slope 3 sintering concrete roof, should be based on the roof structure, roof type, waterproof structure form, material properties and local climate conditions and other
factors, and to determine the technical and economic comparison, the general should be greater than or equal to 30%.

Station should be based on the roof slope, building height and size of wind loads of 4 ready mix concrete plant, take corresponding fastening requirements of concrete plate.

Station roof with heat preservation material hanging concrete function of 5 concrete mixing, thermal insulation layer should be water under the cushion.

6 parts of concrete if the use of mortar lying concrete, should be attached to other fixed measures.