How to buy steel bar bending machine?

2013-08-16 10:29:48

As same as steel bar cutting machine, steel bar bending machine is also a rare one kind of steel processing equipment, many buildings in our country has a very wide range of manufacturing applications. For a long time, a lot of practical application have proved adequate to deal with some of these devices relatively harsh working environment, as long as the pre-purchased products properly. Then buy steel bar bending machine which aspects need to pay attention to the?

A. Motor power of choice: bigger diameter stirrups, such as: processing hot-rolled steel wire stirrups three, be sure to use some of the power equipment, do not believe the power is small, because the strength of hot-rolled steel new three higher than in the process of cold rolling more power is required to be completed, or the servo motor will be excessive heating of this process, and there is the possibility of burning.

B. Shear blades are interchangeable: foreign equipment produced by equipment such as Italy, its blade and knife block with integrated design for, using separate plug and play design patterns, the manner in which this part, the decision of the equipment late fees size of the problem is that we must pay attention to, it is recommended that select steel bending machine shearing blades can be changed if the device.

C. Whether equipped with automatic threading device: This device for improving the processing efficiency, saving labor is essential that the current domestic through independent research and development of national Patented automatic threading mechanism can help workers quickly stringing work, by means of an external force, replacing steel work will no longer be difficult to operate.

D. Whether the bent clamping device: This device ensures that the bar during the bending process is not slid forward to ensure molding accuracy stirrups, so that we can guarantee the maximum degree of processing results.