Brief introduction of concrete mixing station mixing system

2013-05-16 15:37:25

The main effect of stirring system of concrete mixer is to aggregate, cement, water, additives and other raw materials metering good mixing in the mixer, the formation of specified product strength of concrete. Because the concrete mix design is just filled gap fine aggregate coarse aggregate, cement surface and colloid and uniformly distributed in the coarse aggregate, so only the batch stirring evenly to obtain the most dense concrete. Mixing system consists of forced mixer with double-horizontal shafts mixer.

Compulsory mixer not by gravity mixing, but with the help of mixing blades of material mixing forced guide. The mixing blade can be a shovel type, also can be a spiral type. Leaf blade can rotate around a horizontal axis, and can rotate around a vertical axis. This mixer mixing intensity is determined by the blade speed.

Double horizontal shaft compulsory concrete mixer is developed based on single horizontal shaft on the synchronous rotary has two levels, the configuration of the stirring shaft, biaxial rotary in opposite directions, turning blade in addition to raw materials, the spiral directions are opposite, materials in the form of reflux in mixing, stirring more strongly. Unloading system with hydraulic unloading system and pressure of two common kinds of drive discharge system, the discharge gate moves automatically, usually set up open, closed, half open three states