Biaxial concrete mixer structural design features analysis

2013-08-07 11:19:03

Before you buy biaxial concrete mixer, you should biaxial concrete mixer structural design features must understand, biaxial concrete mixer in the construction of the application is very extensive.

Uniaxial biaxial mixer concrete mixer to be more complicated, but it's wear, stirring landscape quality is good, high production efficiency, biaxial and uniaxial mixer than vertical shaft concrete mixer, has obvious advantages.

Here's what biaxial concrete mixers and other advantages:

Biaxial concrete mixer small size, low height, compact layout, loading transport facilitation, and the structure is reasonable sturdy, good reliability.
Maximum capacity axis concrete mixer, high efficiency, with the same capacity compared to self-loading, mixing time can be shortened by half or more, and the movement of materials in the discharge region above the door, between the discharge time shorter than the other models, and thus productivity high.
Biaxial concrete mixer Drum capacity vertical shaft with a diameter smaller than half the mixer speed and the vertical axis is basically the same, but the blade vertical axis line degree than half of small and therefore leaves and liner wear, long life, and the material is not easy to isolate .
Biaxial concrete mixer zone relative to the movement of materials focused on two axes, material short trip, full compression, high frequency, thus mixing quality.