Advantages of automated steel bar cutting machine

2013-08-19 11:04:45

In order to meet China's railway, highway, construction, residential construction steel construction requirements for steel bar cutting machine, led by steel processing equipment, have appeared in the market, and has been favored by many businesses and certainly, with the various aspects of such equipment continuous improvement of performance. What are the advantages of automation steel bar cutting machine?

One is able to adapt to a variety of construction steel categories, including cold rolled steel, rebar, and a variety of diameters of steel, they do not exceed the specification limits, automatic steel bar cutting machine can handle.

Two is to produce powerful, processing equipment including bar straightening, cutting, bending, bending hoop segmentation processing series devices. In these devices, both to adjust the welding position and attitude may be simultaneously cut, the device can automatically flip, but also to eliminate the support during the anti-shearing force.

Third, automatic programmable operation can greatly improve the efficiency of welded steel to ensure project quality. They developed high-tech equipment, the development of program-controlled software improvement, to make steel welding, cutting, sorting, start and stop, each weldment flips precision processing technology, can guarantee precise control rate.

Fourth, can promote the construction site clean and tidy environment, reduce labor intensity operatives. Mechanized processing method can reduce the number of reinforcement professional employment, so that the construction site materials, easy to manage and protect construction progress schedule.

Fifth, can dramatically reduce power consumption, save power resources, and the traditional manual binding, compared to single-point welding can save power consumption by 30%.