Arrange mixer attention problems

2013-05-17 14:36:54

Some users may think the concrete mixing plant  foundation is not the more the better, in fact, the foundation to be done according to the actual situation, be sure to follow the requirements of manufacturers to ensure the safety of the foundation. Size and depth must be in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, the strength of the concrete should meet the requirements, does not require foundation depth, based on elevation and concrete mixing station field site consistent.

Compulsory concrete mixer
  some common problems encountered in the production process of how to deal with it, when the site a one-time casting a large amount, enough pieces of higher quality requirements, and no reinforcements near the mixing station, the best choice for both Specifications smaller mixing station, or select commercial concrete mixing station a main one machine preparation, pre-production installed base must firmly, the installation positions must be perpendicular to and to do the wind and lightning protection work out periodical inspection maintenance work . The Zhengzhou Su Jia is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing station to remind the majority to be established commercial concrete mixing plant user must do to complete the comprehensive Build your planning in preparation before mixing station equipment, concrete mixing station manufacturers.