What should pay attention to after concrete mixer working?

2013-08-06 14:15:02

Some customers might think that after the completion of the concrete mixer down on the line as long as, in fact, this idea is wrong, for the timely elimination of security risks concrete mixer, concrete mixer to ensure good condition, so after a work stoppage to carry out a series of concrete mixer maintenance work.

Concrete mixer job should pay attention to what matters it?

First, the staff in the concrete mixer should be used the same day after completion of bulk cement tank gates shut, will spiral out within the cement conveying all, do any residual cement in the tube, while thoroughly cleaning machinery and field.

Second, concrete mixer concrete mixing drum must be cleaned. Conduct maintenance on machinery for filling oil lubrication points on the need to protect some oiled rust.

Third, cleaning concrete mixer parts slurry fouling. Timely cleaning mixing tank and the whole surface of the dust, and oil buildup of concrete to prevent the concrete dry, keep it clean. After the end of production, timely and thorough cleaning before shutdown and residual concrete mixer, stop all operations will switch to off position and turn off the power switch.