Advantages of new concrete mixer

2013-08-27 11:04:38

Henan Taike production of new concrete mixer is able to adapt to a variety of field terrain conditions.

Concrete mixing system
Concrete mixer mixing system includes a variety of separate units and processes. Concrete mixer control system's task is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the mixing, it is mainly the blender lid closing mechanism motors and controls, concrete mixer mixing tube indirect drive control is also required. Henan Kowloon new concrete mixer equipped with a consistency measuring device, in addition, the mixing system is also equipped with a microwave sensor for humidity and temperature measurement sensors.

Concrete mixer measurement control
Concrete management equipment including concrete silos, concrete measurement scales and ingredients by the inverter control spiral. Measurement scales or radar sensors are used to measure the amount of material in the silo. To avoid a lot of dust, concrete mixers must also be equipped with air filters, the use of vibration theory automatically remove dust in the air. In addition, the use of sensors to protect the silo, to avoid excessive pressure compartment.

Transporting gravel concrete mixer control
Sand and gravel in the discharge chute or conveyor weighing by strain sensor measurements.

Concrete mixer machine volume measurement
First by water control valve with two metering weighing scales, then use the parallel flow for more accurate measurements. Accessories are mainly using the pump and metering scales added.