Adjustment of the mixing station analysis

2013-05-17 14:34:48

1. Adjustment points
Analysis machine in the case of wind, air pressure, the speed of the speed of decision separating powder crude fine-grained, the device YZTZ electromagnetic induction motor drive, the motor from the standard stereotypes motor, tacho-generator electromagnetic slip joint control , as long as the change in the voltage of the electromagnetic joint, you can change speed requirements.

2. Analysis of machine control
The analysis machine control is installed in the control cabinet door controller and analysis of electromagnetic slip control buttons to control. Analysis machine boot press the start button, so that the cage motor part of the first operation, and then close the electromagnetic slip controller power switch, adjust the speed button, the analysis machine to achieve the required speed. Analysis machine control and adjustment of the concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer.

3. Instructions to adjust the speed of the analysis machine
Electromagnetic governor motor tacho-generator each characteristic inconsistent, so that the actual speed and the speed indicated on the controller, need to be adjusted, the first tachometer to measure the actual speed of the motor, then controlled by adjusting the panel on the tachometer correction potentiometer, so that the actual speed and direction meter speed coincide after adjustment, the particle size of the powder mill production, corresponding to the speed indication is to analyze the actual speed of the machine