Atmospheric pressure unloading of the water

2013-05-14 10:08:30

Above we introduced the method of concrete mixing station unloading of high pressure water, this, Zhengzhou Tyco we explain the advantages and disadvantages of concrete mixing station atmospheric pressure unloading water, we hope to be able to multi-industry knowledge, ample life.

Way of mixing station atmospheric water unloading the dead weight of the discharge of water from the water bucket out by the pump directly into a concrete mixer, a completely rely on water, but also the early conventional concrete mixing station usually the discharge of water, and now also Some concrete mix station has been in use. The advantages of this approach is that simple, low cost unloading water pipeline; drawback is unloading the water a long time, and can not form a water curtain, mixer cap pollution is more serious, the outlet is easy to plug water unloading time, further extending and unloading water pressure can not be effective flushing stirring shaft axle increases the odds.

Concrete batching plant water system is only a small part of the entire device, but only to ensure that each widget normal operation in order to achieve the normal operation of the device as a whole. Due to the condition of the actual production process is more complex, it is the most complete unloading water plan from the actual application.

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